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WEB: February/2023

Updated at 3/30/2023

In order to keep it’s analysis tools updated and improve the usability of the Web Platform, Dynamox has just released some new features. Check out the main features of the newest version below: 


DynaDetect – Automated Failure Detection Tool
New Spot Center



DynaDetect – Automated Failure Detection Tool

DynaDetect is the new DynaPredict Solution’s automated diagnosis tool for asset failure, based on measurements generated by DynaLoggers. It is focused on those who need agility and reliability in the asset management routine. With its use you can view automated diagnoses that highlight machines with possible indications of failure, and identify the severity of these failures. The objective of these automated diagnoses is to assist the technician and increase the assertiveness of the analysis, as well as to support the manager in asset maintenance planning and decision making.

DynaDetect uses user-entered information such as asset type, machine characteristics, and monitoring location along with data from remote sensing to generate automated diagnoses. With the proper configuration, it is possible to detect mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic failures such as: unbalance; stiffness loss; misalignment; structural looseness; bearing wear; gearing defect; rotor bar defect; stator defect; hydrodynamic defect; aerodynamic defect, and cavitation.

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New Spot Center

The Spot center, the screen where all the settings for the monitoring points are defined, underwent a major adjustment aiming at better usability when creating or editing the Spots.

The parameters that you already know were redistributed in new tabs, so that their identification is easier.

In addition, the section for setting the Operation Levels now has an illustrative chart, in order to clarify its concepts and help the user define the most appropriate values.

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